5 Rose Gold Items You Need To Have For Your Home!

The copper/rose gold trend is here to stay. Yes, we love it! And this trend is so beautiful and stylish in the jewelry world, but It's also HUGE in the home decor world. So today I thought it would be fun to share my 5 favourite items for your home, that are rose gold! 


1. Copper Pots
These are a classic! Don't you just love the look of copper pots hanging in the kitchen? It is so wonderful how it can remind you of your grandparents house (at least for me!), yet still be so chic. 

2. Hanging Pendants
Do you ever look at an area in your home and think something is just missing?? Well, I think its probably missing a pendant! And the way these rose gold ones shine in the light, its perfect.

3. Hardware
The easiest way to freshen up a dresser or cabinet is with some new hardware, and getting them in a rose gold finish will totally revamp any style! You can even switch up the accessories in your bathroom! 

4. Pillows
Textiles and fabrics come in rose gold too! Toss pillows and throws are amazing because you can never have too many! You can switch them up for the changing seasons, or switch them up for your changing moods!

5. Quirky Accents
There are limitless options when it comes to fun and quirky items for your home, pineapples are so in right now! And don't forget to check local thrift shops if you are feeling uninspired. Even if you find something you love that isn't in a rose gold/copper colour, you can always paint it! 


If you have any rose gold/copper items in your home, what are they!? I would love to know. This is one of my favourite style ideas, and creating this post has made me very inspired to go out and hunt down some new pieces for our home. 

I hope you enjoyed this one, 
Until next time.