3 Fresh Scents for Spring and Summer

One thing I love about spring and summer are all the scents that surround us again after a long winter. Fresh cut grass, blooming flowers, juicy fruits, and even your coconut sunscreen can bring so much happiness!

Now something I always have in my home is candles or wax melts. In the fall and winter it is so nice to have things like Pumpkin Spice (Duh), Balsam Fir, or any other warm notes to add comfort to your home. So in the summer you can imagine that I love to have a candle going still! Today I will tell you my current favourite scents to have this spring and summer to make your home feel fresh!

Basil is one of those scents that I am obsessed with, you can mix it with anything (in this case lime blossom) and it will still be amazing! I found this pretty little Olivia Blake candle and just had to have it. It really helps when the packaging is beautiful too! 

Another scent that you can't go wrong with in the spring/summer is lilac, and if you have paid attention to the title of this blog, you can guess that I really love it! Now nothing compares to fresh lilac, but when you're in a pinch, a wax melt from Yankee candle will do! 

If you are lucky enough to have a Bath and Body Works close by, you will know how tempting those 3-wick candles can be! If you do catch yourself having a sniff, make sure to try out White Peach. I mean, how fresh and juicy! Perfect for summer. 

I hope you give these scents a sniff! Let me know which ones are your faves, whether its these or others! 

Until next time