Decorating with Bohemian Brown - Monochrome Home

I love decorating with pops of different colour and adding a fun vibrant personality to a space. But some people don't want colour, or variety of colours, but they also don't want a flat and uninspiring space either. Finding a look that speaks to you is easy, what with Pinterest right at our fingertips, but incorporating the designs and getting the look you want can sometimes be a bit more difficult. 

Alas, having a monochrome and even natural colour palette in your home is easier then you'd think, and doesn't have to be boring and lifeless. So get ready to be inspired to add that bohemian brown to your life, and get the look you want.

One of the best tips I have learnt since starting my professional decorating journey is to Go Big or Go Home. This quote can be used for most parts of our lives, but If you aren't willing to fully jump in and 'take risks' for the look you want, you will be left with a random assortment of things that don't work together. What I mean is, If you NEED that royal blue velvet sofa because you want to go for a bold luxe look, then you better get that sofa! Not everyone in the world needs a grey sofa from IKEA, let your personality shine through to your space. 

Likewise, If you want that beautiful soft brown leather sofa, or big and bold chocolate rug (like pictured above), then don't be scared to do it because you think it might be hard to work with. You will never get the look you want by playing it safe. Be unapologetic about it! Brown is not boring! 

Some other ideas to add are things like, woven baskets, knitted blankets, leather or hide chairs, and natural wood pieces. Don't forget to mix your textures throughout when using the same colour scheme to achieve a diverse and cozy feeling and not a cold, flat room. Thats the trick when thinking monochrome. 

Take your time sourcing things, curate things you actually love and want to see everyday. The look is beautiful, unique, and even relaxing.

Thanks for being here today! See you very soon.