Patterns You Need to Know! (And How To Use Them!)

There is an ever-growing list of patterns you can use while decorating or designing, and I think that mixing and matching patterns together in a space can add unlimited styles. Just imagine a simple pink pillow.. now add stripes to it, now dots! See how it can start to change a space? We have been in the midst of renos at our home, and not quite ready to be furnishing or decorating, but I am still finding myself creating mood boards with fun patterns and textiles for each space. I can't help it! 

So today I have a list of patterns that you need to know! Ones that maybe you can add to your home in some way!

A curved, feather shaped figure.

Diamonds of various colour on a plain background. Think, school uniform.

A continuous S-shaped line. 

A continuous line in the shape of a 'V'

Similar to the chevron, except all of the lines and columns are slopped against each other.

Different coloured squares in a 1 to 1 pattern. 

Almost the same as checkered, except for overlapping colours.

A more intricate gingham, checkered or tartan with multiple sized lines.

A larger checkered pattern, with notched corners, made to resemble a 'hounds tooth'.

A series of dots creating a pattern on a different background.

An ornamental design with four lobes representing a clover/flower like shape.

A figurative woven pattern, fluttery symmetrical leaves. 

Basket Weave-
A style of weave resembling basketwork.

An Indonesian technique that dyes the warp or weft threads before weaving. This technique creates a 'bleeding' look. 

Fleur De Lis-
A stylized lily with its three petals bound together near their base. It is known from the former royal arms of France.

Lines that are crossed, and leave a diamond shape left in the middle.


And there you have it! A few patterns that you ned to know, and how you can use them! This is one of those posts that can just keep growing, so stay tuned for more parts to come.

Do you use any of these patterns in your home? If so, tell me how! 

Until next time,