That Moroccan Look

Interiors that feature Moroccan influences are one of my favourite design styles. Of course it is filled with rich culture and a long exotic history of the country, which adds a beautiful story to a room. The elements are stunning, and will add a special touch to any space. This look can be personalized to your specific tastes and visions too. You can create a completely white Moroccan space filled with different textures and artwork, or a fun and funky bold look with beautiful stained glass lanterns and bright patterned fabrics, pillows, and the likes.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to design, how great is that?

There are a number of different elements you can look for when designing your space to achieve a Moroccan look. Rich woven rugs, metal lanterns, bold and intricate tiles (quatrefoil is a popular pattern choice for this particular style), and of course, that well-known leather touch which is a staple in Moroccan design.

Now I have not had the pleasure of traveling here, but with the luxury of the internet it is so easy to take virtual tours and view travel photos of anywhere in the world. And I mention this because it is a great way to actually see the culture and draw inspiration from the architecture, which is a huge element for this style. Implementing design elements is easily achieved with a little research on what to look for.

Just check out the doorways and details on the buildings, they are so amazing. And if you are truly interested in getting this look, having a doorway like this in your home would be a truly noteworthy touch.

Like I said before, these Moroccan features are beautiful, and integrating this style into our homes is as easy as any other. So next time you're out at a home decor shop, keep your eyes pealed for some of these elements, I am sure you will find them as the style is becoming very popular! 

Until next time!