Paint Combos That Won't Go Out Of Style

Choosing a paint scheme for your home can difficult, there are just so many options! Of course it is easy to pick a colour you like in the moment, have it for a few months and then paint over it when you're sick of it, but if you aren't interested in spending the money and time on painting every 6 months, then here are some colour combos that will never tire. 

Soft blues look good in any setting. And going a bit darker with it is a great way to add some fun personality without being too overbearing. Most people find blue to be a calming colour, so whether you have guests in your home or are just trying to enjoy your space, you won't feel put off.

It's okay if you aren't interested in the stark white home that is trending immensely right now. Warm neutrals are still one of the most popular colour schemes out there for homes. It makes sense, people want their homes to be a cozy place where they can relax. Choosing a neutral/beige that has a cool undertone is a great way to get that fresh look without compromising your colour. 

TIP: Hold your beige picks next to the purest white you can find on the paint chip rack. You will notice right away if you neutral has a warm or cool undertone. 

If you're looking to add colour, but that clementine orange is just a little too vibrant for you, mix it up with a toned down version, or a white. I have seen so many homes that have a shocking statement wall, and although it may be from the colour family that you want, it's usually always too bright and over powering. Mixing those colours with less intense picks can give you the look you want, without the shock. It will be easier to live with for longer.


I hope you have fun with your paint colours! Let me know what your fave colours to work with are!

See you soon

All paint colours shown are from Benjamin Moore