Crystals in the Home

I have been collecting crystals & stones since I was very young! There has just always been something about them that I have been attracted to, and I only realized in my recent years that there is so much more to crystals than just their looks. Now I know not everyone understands the 'new age' beleifs behind crystals, and most people just look at me like im crazy when I tell them how much I love and use them in my everyday life. I take crystals with me on trips, In the car, In the bath, I put them in my plants, I pretty much use them everywhere I can; and if you're interested in crystals, for life and for home, keep on reading. 

The main idea for today will be how to use crystals & stones in the home. Since we spend so much time in ours (and obviously the premiss of this blog) we will start there!

In the Bedroom: 
I have multiple crystals beside my bed, and some I use as a nightly ritual (like a palm stone for manifesting good thoughts/dreams), and others are simply to help get a good nights sleep. Here are a few of my favourites...

If you know anything about crystals, you'll know that this is one of the master healers. If you are feeling unbalanced in your life, and want to wake up feeling restored and with a clear vision for your day (or life), put this one to bed with you. 

This is one of my favourite stones, and it totally makes sense that this one is perfect for night time. Moonstone is a calming and dreamy stone that will releive all your tensions and worries when kept near while sleeping (or anytime!).

Mangano Calcite- 
This is the nightmare warrior! If you want a deep and peaceful sleep without the worry of nightmares, use this crystal!

In the Kitchen:
Maybe this seems like a strange place to have crystals, and I by no means am talking about eating them! Crystals can do some pretty amazing things, just have a read for yourself! 

This is an amazing crystal for digestion, it has the ability to get things flowing and moving. Keep it where you eat and prepare food for full benifits.

This is an awesome one for all the systems of the body. It keeps toxins and impurities at bay, a protection stone! and not just that, this stone is one for friendship, so gather all your loved ones in the kitchen and feel that love.

In the Bathroom: 
I love spending time in my bathoom, is that weird? I just find it to be such a relaxting place (if you let it be), weather I'm soaking in the bath or just doing my makeup in the morning, I'm a huge fan! There are a few stones I like to keep in the bathroom for special purposes...

Rose Quartz- 
This is my favourite bathtime crystal, I just drop it in the tub or on the side of my tub for showers. This is the crystal of love and peace. This one also carries a lot of feminine energy, which I think is amazing for times of pamper. 

This is an excelent crystal for body pains, and more specifically lady pains, which is why It is a great one to keep in the bathroom. Garnet is also an energizer! So while you're getting yourself ready in the morning, you will have a great pick me up even before the coffee! 

Everywhere Else: 

mokey Quartz- 
This crystal is for 'good vibes only', It will help you keep away negative energy (weather from internal or external factors), and will keep you calm. Keep this one in your back pocket or in the car where you might be faced with stressful people/thoughts. 

If its wealth you're looking for, use this one! Citrine "The Sucsess Stone" is great for attracting happiness and wealth in all aspects of life. Keep it in your purse if you are trying to manifest cash flow.


There are so many places you can use crystals & stones, and the suggestions I have shared with you are just an option! PLUS, the number of crystals and stones are endless, so do some more research, take some crystal classes, and most importantly make sure to pick the ones that speak to you!